About FLC

This tiny store is based in Dumaguete City, Philippines. I'm a lawyer and my husband is an architect. Aside from our private practice, we also teach. We are not entrepreneurs...yet.

So why are we doing this?

We want to bring together products that are beautiful and/or useful to our lives- preferably products made in the Philippines. Our hope is this: that we will only own things that reflect our values and bring out our inner joy.

Buy things lovingly made by hand. Ask questions about the faces behind the products you buy. Buy things made by your neighbors, your town mates, your countrymen. 

Buy things that work. Those that survive the endless cycles of must-have product lists that come out every season. Those that feel like a dependable pen on a tiring exam day. 

Buy beautiful things and take time to make secret rituals in your lives. The properly plated dish on non-disposable fabric placemats at your family dining table. Some bracelets that remind you of summer and palm trees, and often sand on your feet and salt on your skin. A tiny home decor that reminds you of home, or any place that reminds you of love or pain, or both.

 Don't go through life mindlessly clicking through online catalogs. Be mindful. 

 Feed your body and spirit. Love life. Create happiness.